Milvian Bridge AD 312: Supplement

Supplementary material to accompany Milvian Bridge AD 312: Constantine’s Battle for Empire and Faith (Osprey: Oxford 2016).

The Battlefield Today

Amazon reviewer Glock22C, who works in the area of the proposed battlefield, points out that apart from the cycle path mentioned on page 90, “the only place open to public is the aforementioned medieval Tor di Quinto now a well-known restaurant with a panoramic view of the battlefield.” The reviewer also notes the error in the caption to the aerial photograph on page 64, which should be amended to ‘The Milvian Bridge region in 2011, illustrating modern development at Farnesina/Foro Italico’. Finally, the reviewer suggests that Tor di Quinto is located in the wrong place on the bird’s-eye-view maps (BEVs). However, in the BEVs, Tor di Quinto does not refer to the medieval tower (distinguished elsewhere in the book as Torre di Quinto, e.g. the map on page 67) but serves as a general area indicator, following my base map, the IGM Città di Roma 1:20,000 survey of 1950:


Perhaps a different font should have been used to make this distinction clearer. My thanks to Glock22C.

Extra Maps of the Battlefield Area


Costa’s sketch map of the battlefield at Tor di Quinto, to accompany R. Cowan, Milvian Bridge AD 312 (2016), 46-65. After G. Costa, ‘La battaglia di Costantino a Ponte Milvio’, Bilychnis 2 (1913), figs 2-3


The undeveloped Tor di Quinto area in 1839, to accompany R. Cowan, Milvian Bridge AD 312 (2016), 66-69.


Detail from Toebelmann’s map showing his preferred battle site at Saxa Rubra, to accompany R. Cowan, Milvian Bridge AD 312 (2016), 61-62. After F. Toebelmann, Der Bogen von Malborghetto (Heidelberg 1915), taf. 1

A pdf of this supplement can be downloaded here.


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