daddy-at-linlithgow-9-oct-2014Dr Ross Cowan is a British author and historian. He was educated at the University of Glasgow (MA in Classical Civilisation 1997, PhD 2003 for a thesis on the Praetorian Guard and Second Parthian Legion) and consequently possesses some knowledge of Roman matters. The source of his continuing misconception that a living can be made from writing military history books is traceable to a summer job in a venerable bookselling establishment in Glasgow. He strives to inform and, where possible, entertain his readership. He is driven above all by the ambition of extracting a glowing five star review from JPS, that doyen of Amazon critics. Dr Cowan suspects that ambition will never be realised but he continues to gamely offer up volumes in the vain hope of JPS’s approval and wider critical acclaim, including Roman Legionary, 109-58 BC: The Age of Marius, Sulla and Pompey the Great (Osprey, forthcoming), and the updated paperback edition of For the Glory of Rome: A History of Warriors and Warfare (Frontline, June 2017).  He resides in Renfrewshire in northern Britannia.